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Farm Planning and Management Consulting

We love seeing new farms and agricultural enterprises start up in the Lakes Region, building a foundation for a vibrant agricultural community that benefits us all. With 24 years on our farm, and a lifetime of agricultural experience in New Hampshire, we have a depth of knowledge that can help new farms and farmers get off to a solid start, and save time, energy and money along the way.  Let us shorten the learning curve for your farm!

Kevin has a wealth of knowledge that starts with the land and ecosystems of the Lakes Region.  Years in construction give him an edge in planning, layout and building.  Infrastructure such as water systems, greenhouses, high tunnels and storage facilities are all areas of expertise.  He can advise on what you will need for equipment and how to secure it economically. Whether your objective is horticultural or livestock farming, you'll want input on land management: cover cropping, pasturage, composting and more.

Jen has a business background and aptitude for farm economics.  Having navigated the NRCS system multiple times, she can help you determine if it's a good route for building your infrastructure, and how to access these funds.  She's also the marketing brains of the farm, from sales outlets to social media to networking, and can give you a jump on selling the products you produce.

Our consulting services are flexible.  We can advise one time, or an ongoing basis depending upon your needs.  Our own farm keeps us very busy, so we limit the number of clients we consult for.  Contact us today to discuss your farming plans and how we might help!

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