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CBD/Hemp is a new crop for us at Full Moon Farm. Hemp is a cannabis plant, just like the marijuana plant.  The difference between the two is that marijuana is bred to have high levels of THC and lower levels of CBD (both of which are cannabinoids) while modern hemp is bred to have the opposite: very low levels of THC and high levels of CBD.  The two plants look alike, smell alike and are virtually indistinguishable, except when lab analyzed. (This is a requirement). We have our Federal license to grow hemp and must follow strict guidelines for the crop.


CBD is getting a lot of hype in this day and age, for treating everything from pain relief to insomnia to anxiety. Our interest in CBD began when we found that ‘bath bombs’ infused with CBD were one of the few things that gave Kevin real relief from his chronic arthritis pain.  


There are myriad ways CBD can be used. Our plants go to a lab to be processed into full spectrum CBD oil.   Full spectrum means we deliberately left in all the parts of the plants, not just the CBD.  It gives the oil an earthier smell, but we wanted ALL the 'plant medicine' benefits from the other cannabinoids, terpenes and proteins that are naturally a part of the hemp plant. We use this oil to make our own brand of 100 mg CBD bath bombs.  Our CBD Rescue Salve contains a potent amount of CBD and offers real relief for muscle and joint pain.  We are experimenting with other CBD products, based on what helps us as middle aged farmers.

All of our CBD products are made with our own locally and organically grown hemp.  NO herbicides. NO pesticides. NO chemical fertilizers.  Just the wonders of Mother Nature's own plant medicine.

Must be 21 to purchase CBD products.  Our products have not been evaluated by the FDA. Not for use by children or pregnant/nursing mothers.

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