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Fun With Flowers: Our Design Workshops!

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

We both agree that the most fun we have on our farm is hosting Floral Design Workshops in our renovated barn studio. We've made so many new friends in the course of teaching people about working with flowers! Our workshops are appropriate for all levels, from experienced designers excited to experiment with local blooms, to newcomers who want to learn the basics of cutting, caring for and designing flowers.

Each workshop starts with a tour of the farm and flower fields. Since the growing areas of the farm are not open to the public this is a chance for a 'behind the scenes' look at how our flower farm operates. We discuss how we choose our varieties, grow our flowers, and the tips and tricks to cutting and conditioning for best vase life. All of this knowledge can be applied to your flowers garden at home!

Then we head up to our barn studio, which we have filled with buckets and buckets of flowers, fillers, foliage and quirky bits to work with. Kevin gives a demo of designing a foam free arrangement, discussing some basic principals of design while he works. We provide everything each participant needs to build their on unique, beautiful design: choice of vessel, floral snips and workstation. While you work and play, we circulate for questions, support and general flower chat.

It never ceases to amaze us what gorgeous arrangements our participants create, and the camaraderie that is enjoyed by the group. Many of our participants come back again and again to practice and develop their skills with the ever changing selection of blooms throughout the season.

We even offer the option of a workshop at your home or business: great for a ladies night, shower or family activity. Flowers are so much fun!


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