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Seed to Stem

That's what sets our flowers apart. Instead of being imported, our flowers are grown here on the farm in our rich New Hampshire soil.

This beautiful aster began it's life as a seed we nestled into a custom, organic soil blend from Vermont Compost. We travel five hours round trip to get this special soil blend each year, because the health of everything starts with the soil.

It sprouted in our heated greenhouse in March, when everything outside was still cold and dreary. As it grew, it's bed in the protected high tunnel (essentially an unheated greenhouse) was amended with Kevin's amazing compost, the broad forked (never tilled) to protect the worm community that keeps the soil happy and healthy. When it was planted, it stayed hydrated with nature's pure rainwater we collect for irrigation.

It was fed only organic fish emulsion for fertilizer, (never chemical 'blue juice') and protected from bugs (hello leaf hoppers) by the use of sticky traps and careful management of grass and weeds on the farm. This beauty never wanted or needed chemicals to stay safe and thrive.

When it was cut, the leaves were stripped and fed back into the compost. It may have found its way into a beautiful garden bouquet at the farm stand, a loose bucket of blooms for someone to lovingly arrange, or perhaps even a special bridal bouquet if it caught Kevin's eye at the right time. We know it brought happiness and beauty wherever it landed, fresh and fragrant, clean and chemical free. Seed to stem, the lovely life journey of the flowers on our farm.

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