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CBD: Magic Plant Medicine

What we know, what we are still learning, and why this is so exciting to explore!

We have just harvested our second annual crop of hemp, continuing the CBD journey we started in 2021. This year's varieties are First Frost, Grape Soda and Hot Blonde. Hot Blonde is a returning winner from last year, and once again proved to have the most robust, bud-heavy plants of our crop. Grape Soda, however, smells heavenly!

After the required testing, we had most of our 2021 crop processed into full spectrum CBD oil by a certified lab. Our initial product offering was our CBD Rescue Salve, formulated by us specifically to give quick, natural relief from arthritis pain for Kevin. We are still blown away by how well it works, not just for arthritis but all the aches and pains of farming (and aging). It has gathered a loyal following from folks of all ages and walks of life. We added our CBD bath bombs to the line up, which are a staple in our home during the cold months. A CBD infused warm bath is perfect for all over body relaxation and a good night's sleep.

Did somebody say SLEEP? We heard from so many people who were desperately seeking a natural sleep aid. We developed a tincture, experimenting on ourselves and family/friends to get it just right. Suddenly, we were a lot more well rested.

Which is why this plant keeps amazing us. It seems to work to help with so MANY things. Some folks were using the tincture in smaller doses for stress and anxiety relief, so we created a daytime version. I swear by the salve for the mild psoriasis I battles each winter. I also use it in place of lip balm when it's handy (which is always: we have tins of salve in almost every room of our house).

So what's next? Lots more experimenting! Body lotion, lip balm, shower scrub. Infused food and drink. The sky is the limit with this magical plant!

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