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The Full Moon Farm Wedding Flower Experience

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

The wedding flower experience at Full Moon Farm is fun and unique. We strive to make it both personal and engaging for the couples that choose us.

Our couples tend to share two common traits: their values, and a desire for originality. They may already be intrigued by using flowers that have been grown sustainably. It can come as a delightful surprise that we are able to offer beautiful flower selections not common on Pinterest, or available from traditional florists, because they don’t need to be shipped or stored for long periods. We grow them right here, so zero carbon footprint!

When you book with us early enough in the season, we can plan our varieties and timing to create your special vision from seed to stem. We believe your bridal flowers should be as unique and exclusive as your relationship.

Kevin requests photos of the bridal attire to help match your florals with your personal style and vibe. Jen then puts this together with color swatches, key words and even flower samples on a vision board that will guide his design for the bridal flowers.

Wedding flowers from Full Moon Farm are much more than picking photos out of a book or off the Internet. We are committed to making each couple’s experience a distinctive, meaningful and enjoyable part of their wedding experience!

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